Treating Diabetes in EmCell Clinic

Emcell has developed a fetal stem cell transplantation-based treatment for diabetes mellitus treatment that has proven to be effective for both types I and II diabetes. The treatment results in decrease of blood sugar levels, allowing the patient to reduce insulin medication by 50–70%. In over half the cases, diabetes treatment with fetal stem cells bring about long-term clinical remission.
While stem cell treatment of diabetes is indicated at all stages, it is most effective in the following cases:

  •  new-onset insulin-dependent diabetes
  •  diabetes with kidney complications
  •  labile course of diabetes
  •  diabetes associated with infections and immune deficiency
  •  resistant to treatment of trophic ulcers in the soft tissues
  •  secondary sulfanilamide resistance

Stem cell treatment for diabetes leads to a significant improvement in the condition of patients. In some cases, especially when treatment occurs at the early stages of the disease, it might result in full recovery. Following stem cell therapy, diabetes patients report normalization of immunological and hematological indices, a reduction in manifestations of micro-angiopathy and macro-angiopathy as well as trophic disturbances. Periods of remission become two to three times longer and the severity and frequency of complications decrease. Quality of life and average life expectancy increase.

The regular course of treatment course at EmCell clinic for diabetes lasts for 2 days.

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