Bangkok Heart Hospital

Bangkok Heart Hospital


Bangkok Heart Hospital
2 Soi Soonvijai 7, New Petchburi Rd.,
Bangkok, Thailand 10310
Tel. 662-310-3000
Fax. 662-310-3088

About Bangkok Heart Hospital

Bangkok Heart Hospital is Thailand's first private cardiac hospital. They offer 24-hour medical services at international medical standards. Experienced cardiac specialists are complemented by the most advanced technologies available. The medical staff is made up of a strong team of experienced adult & pediatric cardiologists, MRI cardiologists, heart failure specialists, cardiac anesthesiologists, cardiac surgeons, cardiac rehabilitation physicians and radiologists - all of which have trained and worked in such countries as the U.S.A., Japan, and Australia. Their highly qualified nurses, technicians and paramedic personnel treat both local and international patients.

Bangkok Heart Hospital is now offering Stem Cell Therapy, a treatment available to heart failure patients at only a small number of hospitals around the world. The patients are treated with adult stem cells produced from their own peripheral blood. The process involves making a small incision to the left side of the chest wall. Cells are injected directly into damaged heart muscle. The use of adult stem cells, rather than fetal cells, to regenerate damaged tissue avoids the moral and technical issues that come with stem cells from an embryonic source.

Bangkok Heart Hospital initiated this stem cell program in May 2005. So far they have treated over one hundred cases. The treatment is relatively safe and carries only a small risk. However, the success rate depends on the patient’s condition before the procedure is done as well as the original cause of the heart problem. Candidates for this procedure are patients with cardiomyopathy either ischemic (ICM) or dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM).

Treatment Available for the Following Diseases:

  • Heart failure

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