Hadassah University Medical Centers

Hadassah University Medical Centers


Kiryat Hadassah
P.O.Box 12000
91120 Jerusalem
Telephone +972 (02) 6777111
Fax. +972 (02) 6434434
Email: pr1@hadassah.org.il

About Hadassah University Medical Centers

The name “Hadassah” is synonymous with innovation, education, excellence, and caring. A university medical institution, Hadassah, located in Jerusalem, has a global reputation for excellence in medical care. It is known for its innovative approach to complex medical issues and the cooperative efforts of their medical and research teams in order to provide personal attention to individual problems.

Hadassah University Medical Center deals with all medical and surgical sub-specialties. It is a tertiary care referral facility, well known for pioneering new medical treatments. A teaching hospital and research center, the Medical Center has the most sophisticated diagnostic, treatment, and research equipment. This enables its world-class faculty to provide the most modern medical care.

The Medical Center includes two University Hospitals, both located in Jerusalem: the Mount Scopus facility and the Ein Kerem facility, as well as five schools of medical professions, operated in connection with Hebrew University. In addition, Hadassah's extensive network of satellite services provides the community with healthcare programs, specialized outpatient clinics, and services in various city neighborhoods and nearby towns.

At Hadassah the patient comes first, before, during and after his or her hospital stay. A patient’s comfort and treatment are Hadassah’s primary concern. People from countries in the region turn to Hadassah for hope. They are treated along with other patients from Europe, the Mediterranean Basin, South America, and the United States. Hadassah is a living example of volunteers and professionals working hand in hand across continents, helping and healing, and changing people's lives.

The Bone Marrow Transplantation and Cancer Immunotherapy, Cell Therapy and Transplantation Research Center includes a bone marrow donor bank linked to all international search agencies and a cord blood bank, both of which serve patients in need of a donor. There is also a unit for harvesting stem cells and lymphocytes for immunotherapy and transplantation, and a facility for long-term preservation of cells for patients who have undergone high dose chemo-radiotherapy. Stem cell transplantation is performed on patients of all ages, including in utero for diseases that are diagnosed during early pregnancy. Patients from countries around the world have received treatment at the center, and all are welcome to consult or receive help.

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