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Tiantan Puhua Hospital


Beijing Tiantan Puhua Hospital
12 Tiantan Nanli Beijing, 100050
People's Republic of China
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About Tiantan Puhua Hospital

Located next to the well-known Tiantan Park, the Tiantan Puhua Hospital in Beijing was established in 2005. The hospital is a joint venture between the American Pacific Medical Group, the local Chongwen District Health Bureau, and the Tiantan Hospital in Beijing. Tiantan Hospital is considered one of the world's top three centers for neurosurgical research as well as Asia's largest centre for neurosurgical research, education, and therapy. It has been appointed the neurosurgical training centre for China by the World Health Organization.

Tiantan Puhua Hospital offers the world's most advanced stem cell therapy. It has ultra-modern facilities, housed in a cutting edge neurological center. The hospital’s management and highly trained medical staff is proud of their pioneering stem cell treatment programs. These treatments include the self stem cell activation and proliferation program, spinal cord stem cell injections and neural stem cell implantation by stereotaxis technique. Every patient at Tiantan Puhua is taken care of by a team of doctors providing the most complete and comprehensive medical care available today.

The Staff of Tiantan Puhua Hospital

Dr. Sherwood Yang, formerly from New Zealand, leads the Tiantan Puhua Hospital management team. The stem cell procedures are led by Dr. Wu Li Ke and Dr. Wang Xiao Juan. Both have extensive stem cell research experience conducting clinical trials at Hebei Medical University in China. They have focused their research stem cell treatment for brain traumas, spinal cord injuries, cerebral vascular diseases, multiple sclerosis and myelitis, among other illnesses.

Dr. Han Xiao Di is in charge of all stem cell operations at Tiantan Puahua Hospital. He spent two years at Australia's Alfred Hospital in the neurosurgical department and in the Australia National Trauma Institute. His research focused on enhancement of Neurogenesis after brain trauma under Prof. Jeffrey Rosenfeld and Dr. Cristina Koshman. Altogether, these doctors have treated over 400 patients from many countries throughout Europe, North America, and Asia.

Treatment Available for the Following Diseases:

  • Batten's disease
  • Brain injury
  • Ataxia
  • Spinal cord injury
  • ALS
  • Neurological conditions
  • Epilepsy
  • Stroke
  • Multiple system atrophy

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